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alexandrareadsthings: I'm sorry to bother you, but I haven't been able to keep up with the whole time traveling people storylines (or barely any X-Men titles at all). So Mystique was pretending to be Dazzler, and she also had Charles Xavier's baby, who she then gave to Cyclops? And Cyclops didn't give the baby to the alternate future Charles? Or am I just completely off?



No trouble.

Mystique became pregnant with Chuck’s kid sometime before AvX, This would have been after giving up the kid she already given birth to, from Logan. I am thinking that pregnancy must have occurred during Jason Aaron’s run on Wolverine.


She would give birth to Xavier shortly after Chuck’s death. My interpretation is that he was aware of her pregnancy and they had some plans that included their boy. With his death, it appears to have become all too much for her. She did not give the boy to Cyclops, she gave him up to the state. He is either in a foster home now, or has been adopted. None of the X-People are aware of this.

I think the death of Charles threw her for a loop, and set her on her recent quest in nation building. Mystique can be genuinely crazy at times, but her craftiness and intelligence hides it.

That alternate future Xavier is the baby all grown up, not Charles. Charles is still dead in the future. 



Dazzler later became the SHIELD Mutant Liaison.


And Mystique promptly captured her, and then began infiltrating SHIELD as Dazzler. She would use the access she gained to further her agenda of becoming owner of Madripoor Island, and creating something of a pirate mutant nation there.


That cat is out of the bag now, and the real Dazzler is back. She has since learned she put her faith in the wrong organization, and her true loyalties are the people who have had her back for years. The X-Men.


Years from now, Mystique’s baby boys will meet, and start the current cycle of time travel from their end of the spectrum.



I don’t know where all the shock about today’s Uncanny is from. Bendis has been laying this out since Mystique first showed up in All New X-Men.

Why do you think she has a hate on for Scott right now? She even wanted to fuck with teenage Scott’s head.

Why do you think she was so heart broken when their baby was born?

Why would the death of Xavier throw her for a loop so badly?

It’s all been there.Just read the words he had been putting on the page.

No, today is not where the BOOM is going to come from.


I don’t understand how people can pick favorites among the assassins.


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